Belly Slimming Belt



This Particular Belt Improves The Move Of Blood, Growth The Muscle Power And Burn The Fats Deposit Of The Frame. It Suits All Of The People With Waist Starting From 24 To Fifty Five Inches. The Belt Works With The Warmth Function That Burns The Immoderate Fat From The Frame. The Fat Then Converted Into Fatty Acid That Excretes Out Of The Body With Inside The Shape Of Sweat.


Belly Slimming Belt

What is Slimming Belt in Pakistan?

Belly Slimming Belt in Pakistan is an expert slimming tool that facilitates to tone the muscle of the buttocks, thighs, calves and shoulders. The Belly Fat slimming belt is possibly the maximum handy manner of losing obesity. This particular belt improves the move of blood, growth the muscle power and burn the fats deposit of the frame. It suits all of the people with waist starting from 24 to fifty five inches. The belt works with the warmth function that burns the immoderate fat from the frame. The fat then converted into fatty acid that excretes out of the body with inside the shape of sweat.

The Belly Slimming Belt comes with a remote control. Users can manage all of the features of the belt with the assist of the remote manage. These features covered because the switching the belt on/off, converting the warmth and converting the vibration method. You wouldn’t get every other weight slimming tool on this class to get rid the trouble of obesity. Now you may destroy down the fats deposit in your body without the want to do any tiresome exercising. 

The use of the belt is quite simple and easy. You simply need to mount the belt at the stomach to make it paintings and that’s all. In order to offer extra consolation and simplicity of operation, customers can function the Belly Fat Massage slimming belt on 5 distinct depth levels. The multipurpose belt mechanically switches off after 10 minutes. The belt includes motors; one is used for heating and one is for massaging purpose.

How Does It Work?

Belly Slimming Belt works with none gel. So you do now no longer want to use any extra gel to your stomach vicinity earlier than the use of the belt. You can without problems use the belt on your office, domestic or every other living location. Now say good-bye to the inferior excellent slimming products and location your order for the Belly Fat Slimming Massage Belt from DarazPakistan.Pk now!

It is a pleasing waist belt best for exercising that will help you sweat, and continues your body heat and warmth up your center belly area making you sweats extra even as appearing your everyday activities.

How To Use It?

The belt may be utilized by the following steps:

  1. Mount the belt to your belly area
  2. Plug the adapter into the wall socket to exchange at the slimming belt
  3. In the next step, press the mode button at the far flung manipulate to set the vibration mode
  4. After that press the button to set the depth degree settings.
  5. In the next step, press the button to adjust the warmth putting of the slimming belt
  6. You are done!


Belly Slimming Belt best health gadget may be without problems carried with you in case you are visiting or staying at home, this belt works perfectly to reduce your waist line, hips, returned and thighs. This belt is designed with excellent material that does not have an effect on your pores and skin and also you get a comfortable suit to your frame. This belt material will increase frame temperature and absorbs sweat without problems. The front of this waist trainer is designed to cover your decrease belly in addition to the top belly and the front is longer than the returned. The layout seems wonderful and fits with any aggregate of exercise tops or shirts. Note: pick out your appropriate length as desire from the Size Chart. If you real length is among length, we recommend you pick out the smaller length

  1. Versatile slimming belt
  2. Smart and stylish layout
  3. Powered by 2 motors. One motor is for vibrating and different is for warming purposes
  4. Five adjustable speed levels
  5. Works with remote manipulate
  6. Automatically shut-off after ten minutes
  7. Suits people with 24 – fifty five inch waste
  8. Lightweight
  9. Easy to use
  10. Comes with extra extension belt
  11. It can improve the body temperature, specifically from the belly area, which lessen the fat and burn the energy effectively.
  12. Due to its uniform compression exerted at the whole center vicinity, it may shield the belly and decrease returned muscle tissue from pressure and fatigue.
  13. This belt is absolutely an excessive preferred with the scale of nineteen X 94cm that can suit as much as 102cm in waist length.
  14. It is a first-rate product to save you warmness stroke due to the fact it’s far professionally engineered to maintain frame warmness specifically from the ABS area to remove extra water weight even as exercising.

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