Hot Kiss Cream



Hot Kiss Cream in Pakistan, Stimulate Libido, Enhance Sensitivity, Decorate Satisfaction Sensation, Call Now @ 03218644442. Hot Kiss Cream Cherry Lubricant  Constantly Protects You From Scratches And Abrasions Main To Burning Pain, Lack Of Idea At The Same Time As Sublimating However Certainly No Allergic Reactions Or Irritations To The Personal Region After Use.


Hot Kiss Cream

What is Hot Kiss Cream?

Hot Kiss Cream in Pakistan lubricant cream strawberry cream intercourse lube frame rubdown oil lubricant for anal intercourse grease oral vaginal love gel.  This product can play an surprising position in sexual lifestyles, the impact is the frame of everyday secretions and saliva cannot be as compared with inside the lifestyles of using this product can sell each women and men burst out of sturdy sexual desire, however additionally as So that the couple intercourse lifestyles to reap synchronization or girls masturbation of the auxiliary merchandise or scientific exam whilst the lubrication, the catheter into the lubrication, endoscopy and different dry system into the human frame whilst the lubrication. These lubricants are natural fun! With all the advantages of our lubricants flavor like actual fruit without a sour aftertaste. They are silky smooth, sugar-free, colorless, non-staining, and latex friendly. Pour them on for a delectable treat! Feels Delicious.

How Does It Work?

Ultra-Silky Cherry flavor private lubricant -Slippery, warming sensation -terrify discreet design -flip-pinnacle tube for smooth application -secure nonpoisonous non staining durable system -best for heating up a sensual rubdown foreplay or intercourse f you need to experience interesting sexual sex, and in case you need to decorate love-making quality, you may do that 50ML Hot Kiss strawberry flavor body lubricant oral sex lubricant which could boom satisfaction enhancement for making love. It is powerful to stimulate your libido, attain intercourse climax and make you enjoy greater interesting love-making

Made of non-poisonous and food-grade fabric, it does little damage on your health. And with the lubricant, it complements lubrication and elasticity of vagina for decreasing rubs or pains. Moreover, it is able to be thoroughly used collectively with condoms to make intercourse lifestyles in the direction of the herbal feeling. You will adore it very much. Features: 1. Help you attain intercourse climax without difficulty 2. Strawberry taste is clean and aromatic 3. Water-soluble, odorless, tasteless, non-greasy and great for intercourse lifestyles 4. Highly lubricating impact 5. Provoke libido, alter feelings and boom high-quality sensation 6. Safe, healthy, Hygeia, inexperienced and non-poisonous 7. Used for guys or girls to make your intercourse sex smoother 8. Medical and food-grade fabric makes it appropriate for oral intercourse.


Hot Kiss Cream Cherry lubricant  constantly protects you from scratches and abrasions main to burning pain, lack of idea at the same time as sublimating however certainly no allergic reactions or irritations to the personal region after use. In addition, being a water-primarily based totally product, its miles very smooth to easy after use. Especially, if you want grownup toys, then gel is an vital assist device for you.

  • Strong drawing is first-class in elasticity.
  • Water-soluble, on-greasy and non-poisonous.
  • No residues, no irritation, no facet impact, secure and reliable.
  • Stimulate libido, enhance sensitivity and decorate satisfaction sensation.
  • Enhance lubrication and elasticity of vagina for decreasing rubs or pains.
  • Suitable for entire frame massaging or lubricating and moistening vagina and anus.

How To Use It?

Smooth to use. Start with a dab and follow greater as needed. Try the usage of Silk Touch Personal Lubricant for masturbation and foreplay to maintain his penis and her clit and vagina secure from abrasion –– and equipped for greater sexual activity! Apply a few to any of your intercourse toys –– vibrators, dildos, butt plugs, ben-wa balls, strap-ons and penis rings –– for more consolation or even greater tantalizing stimulation. It’s water-primarily based totally system is secure with any and all styles of intercourse toys. After the party’s over, easy your intercourse toys with a Toy Cleaner. Its anti-bacterial system deodorizes, disinfects, sanitizes any intercourse toy thoroughly, with ease.

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