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Automatic Rotimatic


Automatic Rotimatic in Pakistan, High Quality All in 1 Roti Maker Machine By USA  Amazon, Price Rs: 275000/ Available @ DarazPakistan.Pk Will Support To Create An Ideal And Round Roti. It’s Easy To Use. Roti, Chapati, Or Flatbread Is One In Every Of Our Basic Food That Gives Our Body Fibbers. Automatic Rotimatic Makes Roti’s In A Perfect Ideal Round-Shaped Or Doesn’t Make A Muggy Roti.

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Automatic Rotimatic in Pakistan

What is Automatic Rotimatic?

Automatic Rotimatic in Pakistan can trade your standard roti-making method and then exchange init rapidly or easily. Making Roti also keeps challenging at every age; such takes plenty of time, yet electricity likewise. For anybody who would not hold some potential in the art concerning setting up a roti, Automatic Rotimatic in Pakistan pleasure assists in growing a perfect or spherical roti. It’s easy to use. Roti, Chapati, and Flatbread are some of our primary meals, so much offers our physique fibbers. Automatic Rotimatic Price makes Roti’s in a perfect ideal round-shaped or doesn’t muggy Roti never.

 Automatic Rotimatic Price in Pakistan Making a correct roti is difficult. To pander to this difficulty of constructing Roti, a machine is being introduced within the market, which will facilitate you to create a decent roti. It will not even help; it’ll make fine Roti for you. You could have made Roti traditionally for several years; it takes plenty of time and energy to create a bundle of Roti for three meals of the day.

How Automatic Rotimatic Works?

Rotimatic in Pakistan is a device that facilitates you to form delicate and rounded Roti. It gets heated up before Making Rotis. Its lid is non-sticky, which helps to develop Roti ideally. Between the top and base, Roti are pressed and acquire perfect shape. Before making Roti, you’ve got to form the dough for Rotis. First, you’ve got to organize a dough; then, you’ve got to create dough balls which will be placed into the Automatic Rotimatic in Lahore. Its dry and clean base will provide your Roti with a correct shape. Rotimatic outside is nonstick, which makes it stay on the surface. It makes Roti make the process effortless. Dough Kneading Machine It saves some time and energy. It’s a shockproof body, indicators, and non-heating handles. It’s a nonstick coating and Stainless-steel outer body.


Automatic Rotimatic is one of the best inventions for ladies who work in the kitchen and must try to work faster and wiser. It helps to create Roti in no time with less effort. Rotimatic is a tremendous product to use; it helps develop fine and richer Roti quickly. But Automatic Rotimatic in Karachi makes this process easy and simultaneously saves it slow and energy. It gives you a sense of relaxation. Because it helps the product, it’s no side effects. With Electric Roti Maker Roti making process is laborious and takes plenty of effort. And take lots of your time also. The benefits of Rotimatic are:

  • without outing much effort, Rotimatic helps you to form soft and delicate Rotis
  • time-saving
  • Make Rotis easy and faster
  • Make 500 roti in an hour
  • Less effort
  • It makes Better quality roti.
  • It is simple to use
  • Suitable for working ladies and dealing gents, yet
  • conveniently used by anyone

How To Use Automatic Rotimatic?

DarazPakistan.Pk To make roti, first you have got to organize dough. The dough for Rotimatic in Islamabad should be more soft than usual. This Rotimatic works from flour powder to a rounded roti. Now you don’t have to make the dough. To operate the roti maker:

  • Always take fine flour
  • Put the flour in the Rotimatic and water from their given ways
  • Let the dough rest for a minimum of 50 minutes
  • After this, make small dough balls
  • Heat the Rotimatic
  • Place the flour and water in the upper corner of the Rotimatic
  • Sandwich Maker Close the lid with the handle and wait for a while
  • Open the cover you may find the Roti in the proper round
  • Let cook the Roti for a minimum of 15-20 seconds from both side
  • When both of the perimeters are cooked, close the lid
  • Let the roti cook and slide out

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