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Self Defense Spray in Pakistan, Self-Defense Tool, Self Defense Spray For Safety, Quick Eye Closure, High Irritant Component, @ DarazPakistan.Pk. Self Defense Spray in Pakistan Can Go Up To 12 Feet And Is Always Directed At The Attacker’s Face. Since Self Defense Spray Has A High Irritant Component, It Can Be Used To Subdue An Attacker With Just One Spray. The Self Defense Spray Has Official Lab Approval And Certification, Making Its Use Legal.


Self Defense Spray in Pakistan

What is Pepper Spray?

In the US, Self Defense Spray in Pakistan is frequently employed and is promoted as a powerful self-defense tool. Even though Self Defense Spray has the potential to stop an attacker, many people who buy it have never used it. There is few published research on civilian pepper-spray use, especially among first-time pepper-spray users. It would be beneficial to conduct a research with novice users to examine pepper-spray designs and determine how the safety mechanism impacts response time and overall performance. The study was divided into two parts: a user opinion survey and a lab experiment utilizing a 2 2 random block design with two designs (side-slide safety and flip-top safety) and the two Defense Spray starting positions as the manipulate parameters. The results showed that the side-slide Self Defense and the flip-top it had significantly different response times.

However, there was no discernible difference in response times when the pepper-spray for location was used, whether the trigger finger was used as the index or thumb (purse or pocket). Participants deemed the side-slide weapon to be the most effective self-defense tool overall. Oleo-resin Capsicum, also known as Self Defense Spray or OC spray, is a non-lethal inflammatory substance.

How To Use It?

Its all-natural, non-toxic ingredients made from capsicums cause quick eye closure, breathing problems, runny noses, and coughing. Its effects could last anywhere from thirty to forty-five minutes, with the consequences of decreased effects extending for hours. Pepper sprays has show to be efficient at immediately incapacitating any attacker, including dangerous animals. This allows you to get away from dangerous circumstances and provides good defense for women of all ages.

How Does It Work?

The bottle is incredibly convenient and needs very little room to be used. Spray can go up to 12 feet and are always direct at the attacker face. Since This Spray has a high irritant component, it can use to subdue an attacker with just one spray. The Self Defense Spray has official lab approval and certification, making its use legal.

Cases of women being harassed are on the rise. Every woman should have This Self Defense Spray for safety

Everyone should know how to defend themselves, but if you don’t, just buy some powerful pepper spray!


A Non-Lethal Inflammatory Agent Is Pepper Spray

  • Capsicums’ Natural & Non-Toxic Components
  • Immediately disables any attacker, including animals
  • 30- to 45-minute duration of the effects.
  • Excellent Accessory for Women’s Defense, Young or Old.
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