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Spy Lighter Camera

Spy Lighter Camera in Pakistan, Lighter With High Resolution HD Camera, Available in 4GB & 8GB Memory-Rs:6500, Buy Now @DarazPakistan.Pk. SPY Lighter Camera Has HD Quality Audio-Video Recordings That Can Be Used At Offices, Homes, And Other Places Safely And Comfortably Without Any Recognition.

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Spy Lighter Camera in Pakistan

What is a SPY Lighter Camera?

SPY Lighter Camera in Pakistan is a discreet camera that looks like an ordinary lighter and can be used to capture photos or video. The device can record up to 8 hours of footage at a time. This makes it ideal for surveillance operations. It also has an included infrared night vision feature. So, you can take images in low-light conditions without needing external lighting sources.

Additionally, its slim size allows it to fit easily into any pocket or bag for easy concealment and transportation. Spy Lighter Camera is a great new device. It has become popular in recent years. Camera Glasses This lighter camera looks exactly like an ordinary cigarette lighter. But it hides a powerful mini-camera inside, which can record audio and video discreetly without being noticed by others.

It also features motion detection for enhanced safety and security and WiFi streaming capability to check live footage from your smartphone. With its simple design, this spy cam makes recording videos easy while keeping everyone safe. SPY Lighter Camera Price in Pakistan is a revolutionary device. It helps to keep people and their belongings safe. This discreet product can be attached to any standard lighter, making it portable and easy to use with its affordability and ultra-high resolution image quality. The Spy Lighter Camera has become very popular among individuals who wish to stay secure wherever they go.

How to SPY Lighter Camera Works in Pakistan?

However, Spy is a hidden camera with a mic. Secrete makes videos with pictures and audio. The price of the SPY Lighter Camera in Pakistan is low. It has some simple and easy steps to run quickly and successfully to keep your eyes on all the activities. This portable device has a simple audio, voice, and video button and is easy to operate. The device features a highly confidential covert camera design.

Moreover, it has HD-quality audio-video recordings. Use it at offices, homes, and other places safely. And comfortably without any recognition. This product work with a rapid response for any operation. HD Spy Pen Camera When the Camera activates, this automatically starts recordings. It is handy for meetings and other work. This camera also records 3 hours of video recordings in one fully charged battery.


Spy Lighter Camera in Lahore is hidden because it is invisible to the subject. A hidden camera can be built into a commonly used object. Such as alarm clocks, smoke detectors, ink pen capes, mobile phones, and plants. The benefits are:

  • It provides HD-quality recording.
  • Continuously records for 3 hours when you fully charge it.
  • Also, it is easy to operate
  • So, this product work with a rapid response for any operation. 

How to Use It?

As well as feature of The Spy camera includes a lens, microphone, USB port, micro-SD card, and button on and off. Insert an SD card into this camera. For recording video, turn on the device. Continuous recording as long as sufficient. Sound is present. Spy Lighter Camera in Karachi The 5-second press holds the machine power off. A two-second press turns the device on. Press the button one time, and the file will be saved. SPY Button Camera Regular stand mode. Quick press to take photos. So, if you press the button for two seconds, it records videos.

Spy Lighter Camera in Islamabad; press the button quickly if you want to stop video recording. If you’re going to power off the device, press the button for 5 seconds. Then the device will be powered off. It can record one hour when fully charged. It makes clear video and clear-sounding recordings. You can plug in the computer and can play. DarazPakistan.Pk It is a hidden and portable device with high-quality pictures. This allows you to record school lectures, business meetings, and interviews.

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