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HD Spy Watch


SPY Watch in Pakistan Function Sort Of A Simple Wristwatch, It Records 1280×960 Resolution Video From The Hidden Lens. This Watch Is Incredibly Stylish And Waterproof That Capture Snap And Video With The Touch Of The Button. This Watch Does Double Work As A Voice Recorder.


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HD Spy Watch in Pakistan

What is HD Spy Watch in Pakistan?

HD Spy Watch in Pakistan has a very technical and straightforward wrist watch. The watch can capture videos and snaps. This product looks highly stylish even in water-resistant to that amount of capture snap then tape, including the touch over a button. It consists of 1280×960 decision videos beside the unseen lens. This is also used for personal notes that may keep used as a start drive. It includes an astonishing digital camera and then 90 minutes of continuous recording, including over an alone charger. This high-quality, stylish blind HD SPY Watch archives audio; the video tells the day or smoke photographs. It’s a perfect timepiece. You’ll never decline this watch once you need your wrist.

How Does HD Spy Watch Work?

HD Spy Watch Price in Pakistan could be a user-friendly watch. It contains an 8-GB memory card that stores many videos for five hours; therefore, the camera will only operate for 90 minutes when it’s fully charged. Android Mobile Watch This 8-GB Spy Video Camera Watch is meant to seem sort of a rugged sports watch. This product could be a functional watch. It’s best for multiple purposes and dressing and wishing for a look. This is very discrete and applicable. It’s the most stylish. This HD Spy Watch in Karachi also includes a microphone button.

This watch would also b connected via USB for review of your footage. To begin recordings, short press the facility button. This watch does double work as a voice recorder. This is great for private notes. This may be used as a flash drive. You’ll always keep your file once you want your wrist. It has a surprising camera and 90 minutes continuous recording on a single charger. The blue LED indicator light will flash twice and be turned off while recordings are ongoing.

HD Spy Watch Camera in Pakistan to prevent recording, press and hold the power button. To require a photo watch should be in stand mode, short press the mode button to vary to photo mode.


It could be a user-friendly watch. Key Chain Camera contains a 32-GB memory card that stores videos for five hours. And therefore, the camera will only operate for 90 minutes at a time when it’s fully charged. The benefits are:

  • This watch is incredibly stylish and waterproof.
  • This is a reasonable device.
  • It is ideal for creating recordings of lectures and capturing holidays.
  • You can use it as a flash drive.
  • It is the most stylish and also includes a microphone button.
  • This product has a very affordable price.

How To Use It?

This super stylish covert HD Spy Watch in Lahore records audio, and the video tells the time and takes photographs. It’s a desirable timepiece. For charging the battery:

  1. Unscrew the bezel covering the jack port.
  2. Insert the jack into it.
  3. For time setting, place a finger mail behind the time set bezel and gently put it forward.
  4. Rotate the bezel and set the time.
  5. Press the bezel to shut.

To modify the camera, press the facility button. Wireless Selfie Stick It’s perfect for creating recordings of lectures and capturing holidays once you don’t have a camera at hand.

DarazPakistan.Pk The watch is simple to use and comes with USB cables for uploading your files onto a PC. Spy hidden cameras are available in two features and colors, a trendy and sleek design. It captures video directly from your HD Spy Watch in Islamabad and saves footage internally. Then, we quickly connect to a computer to transfer and share files. It captures color HD potage with vision.

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