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Dictamni Cream

Dictamni Cream in Pakistan, Hemorrhoid Cream, Dictamni antibacterial , Herbal Hemorrhoids Cream, Buy Now @Darazpakistan.Pk. Dictamni Cream Is A Proven Remedy That Reduces The Swelling, Inflammation And Pain Associated With The Condition. It Works By Supporting The Health Of The Veins in The Anal Cavity. Dictamni Cream Has No Side Effects And Is Very Effective in Reducing Hemorrhoids.

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Dictamni Cream in Pakistan

What is Dictamni cream?

Dictamni Cream in Pakistan is effective hemorrhoid treatment, Dictamni Cream contains many beneficial ingredients to treat hemorrhoids and relieve painful symptoms. There are many different types of hemorrhoid relief creams on the market today. Each is different in ingredients, methods of application, and price. Before choosing one, read this review to learn more about the benefits and possible side effects of this Cream

How Does Dictamni Cream Work?

A product on the market for almost a decade is Dictamni Cream in Pakistan Price. The name itself suggests its therapeutic properties, which include the use of antibacterial substances to treat hemorrhoids. This cream is a proven remedy that reduces the swelling, inflammation, and pain associated with the condition. It works by supporting the health of the veins in the anal cavity. 

Dictamni Cream Price in Pakistan has no side effects and effectively reduces hemorrhoids. It has inhibitory solid properties that help relieve pain and swelling. This is effective in hydrating the anal region and inhibits skin infections. This can apply twice a day to the affected area. The cream should be kept out of the reach of children and used carefully. A poor diet can cause hemorrhoids, often caused by constipation or tension during bowel movements. If your symptoms don’t improve in about a week, you may need to see a proctologist, also known as a colon or rectal surgeon. Proctologists can offer additional treatments if hemorrhoid cream doesn’t solve the problem.

How To Use Dictamni?

Apply the cream up to four times a day, morning and bedtime. It can also apply to the affected area after bowel movements. Follow the directions on the package when using Dictamni Cream in Lahore. As with any medication, you must carefully follow the rules before applying the cream to the affected area. Before applying the cream, thoroughly clean the affected area with mild soap and water and pat it dry.


Dictamni Cream in Karachi contains the following ingredients: cortex Dictamni Cream (also known as Bai-Xian-Pi), dictamnus dasycarpus (Turcz.), and salicin. It is a plant of the Rutaceae family. The company behind the formulation is Beijing Yan Bei Chinese Herbal Pieces Co., Ltd. decoction, based in Beijing, China. Prof. Xiangri Li is a professor at Beijing Yan Bei decoction Chinese Herbal Pieces Co. Ltd.

In addition to the antibacterial ingredients, Tucks also contains a multi-relief care kit that helps relieve hemorrhoids and unpleasant symptoms. The Dictamni Cream in Islamabad has a high-potency lidocaine cream that numbs the area and a witch hazel-medicated wipe that helps reduce swelling. So you can take a bath with this product, which is safe for children.

Side Effects

Try, if you are looking for a good hemorrhoid, Dictamni Cream in Islamabad. It has emollient properties that help reduce and clean the dilated veins in the anus. It also gives you an incredible feeling which is very calming. However, there are some side effects to be aware of with this product.

First, you must know the difference between an external and internal hemorrhoid. An internal hemorrhoid is inside the anus; its symptoms are bright red bleeding and prolapsed anal tissue. DarazPakistan.Pk There are four levels of hemorrhoids: grade 1, two, and four. Non-prolapsed first-degree hemorrhoids; grade two hemorrhoids bleed and must be manually pushed into the anus, and third and fourth-degree hemorrhoids sit outside the anus and prolapse after manual pushback.

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