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The Digital QURAN Pen Reader in Pakistan, Is A Gadget That Has The Total QURAN in It. This Adaptable Digital Gadget Is Similarly Gainful For The Two Youngsters And Apprentices. This Pen Can Also Be Called E-Qari As It Can Teach The QURAN To The Individuals Without The Help Of A Qari. Almost Any SUR’AT Or AYA’T Just By Placing The Pen On It. The Device Can Read The Holy Quran Loudly Also Has The Feature Of Reciting The Holy Quran In The Voices Of Famous Qaris And Reciters Of The Muslim World.


Digital Quran Pen in Pakistan

What is Digital Quran Pen?

Digital QURAN Pen in Pakistan this pen can also be called E-Qari as it can educate the QURAN to the individualities without the help of a Qari. The automated pen likewise has Noorani Qaida which lets the beginners and kiddies get familiar with the nuts and bolts of the Quran and talk over it.  The QURAN Pen Reader works with inbuilt usage programs that are programmed in it. Digital Quran Pen in Pakistan works by an electric battery that needs to charge like some other electric contrivance.

It has 4G memory and has the element to embed the outside memory like an SD card. The pen is little in size, lightweight and smaller to convey with anyplace. It gives the ease to recite the Holy Quran anytime and anywhere with the feature to adjust the volume.

How Digital Quran Pen in Pakistan works?

The Digital QURAN Pen in Pakistan is a gadget that has the total QURAN in it. This adaptable Digital gadget is similarly gainful for the two youngsters and apprentices. This pen can also be called E-Qari as it can teach the QURAN to the individuals without the help of a Qari. The QURAN Pen works with inbuild application programs that are programmed in it.  English Magic Device A computerized Quran pen works with an electric battery that needs to charge like some other electric gadget.

The Digital Quran Pen Price in Pakistan is very useful for people of all ages to learn the Quran and recitation, and it can be easily carried anywhere, and you can recite Quran anytime with convenience. It has a highlight to help 25 unique dialects and can recount. The digital pen also has features of different books of Tafseer, Hadith including Saheeh Bukhari. The pen also has complete information about how to perform Hajj and Umra. It can be charged by a charging cable and a charger. Join the pen with a USB link port and let it charge, which for the most part takes 30-45 minutes to get charged totally.

How To use?

Follow these steps to use a Quran pen to recite

  • First of all, perform Wazu
  • Open and then charge the pen with the help of to USB cable
  •  Ear Hearing Device Press the button for three seconds to switch on the pen
  • The Original Digital Quran pen in Pakistan will start blinking after turning on
  • After switching on, place the pen on the AYA’T SURAH or page of the QURAAN.
  • The Pen will instantly start reciting clear audio after detecting automatically the SURAH and AYAH
  • Use Headphone or speakers to hear the Recitation
  • You can use the pen to read and learn Noorani Qaida

Features of Digital Quran Pen in Pakistan

Quran Pen is a device with a complete Quran, Hadith Book, Tafseer, and Umra and Hajj Guide. It can teach the Quran without any Qari. It can read the Ayah of the Quran loudly. Digital Quran Pen in Pakistan consequently distinguishes the Surah, Ayah, and Pages of the Holy Quran. It has no side effects. Following are the benefits of Quran Pen:

  • You can take it with you anywhere
  • There is a built-in speaker for load sound
  • Pen automatically detect the Ayah and Surah
  • Once it completely charged, it can last for 4-5 hours
  • It is chargeable with the charger or USB cable
  • It also loaded with the Noorani Qaida that have the basics of the Holy Quran
  • Digital Quran Pen in Pakistan Price Loaded with Holy material such as Tafseer, Hadith, and Umra and Hajj Guide
  • High-Quality Voice
  • Help to learn the Quran without any help from Qari.
  • Digital pen with beautiful packing Gola Maker 
  • Complete Quran in it and you can read and hear through the pen
  • Can Recite the Holy Quran anywhere at anyplace.

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