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Tobi Travel Steamer

Tobi Travel Steamer in Pakistan, High Quality Electric Product, Iron Clothes, Price: 3500/Pkr, For Details Call or Whats App: 03218644442. Tobi Travel Steamer The Telescopic Pole, Steam Nozzle Holder, Hose And Steam Nozzle, The Extension Pole, Upholstery Attachment, Lint And Pet Hair Attachment, And Therefore The Strap. Remove Creases And Wrinkles, From Garments.

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Tobi Travel Steamer in Pakistan

What is Tobi Travel Steamer?

Tobi Travel Steamer in Pakistan is a small portable device that can steam your clothes. It has a built-in heating element and burns your clothes for you by placing them on top of the heating element. You can also use it to dry your clothes in between washes. This steamer is the world’s first travel-sized steamer. Whether at the airport or in a hotel room, you don’t have to worry about bringing all your clothes. Bring one Tobi Travel Steamer Price on board with your travel essentials, and you’ll have everything you need for a quick touch-up before returning home. Tobi Steamer is a portable steamer that allows you to bring the power of steam anywhere you go.

It features a built-in water tank and a removable tray, so it’s easy to clean after use. It’s perfect for traveling and camping, as well as at home. With Tobi Travel Steamer, you can steam just about anything, including clothes and bedding, dishes and pots and pans—even food. Tobi Travel Steamer is a new type of portable steamer designed to be used on the go. Automatic Perfume Dispenser It’s small and lightweight. The device heats up quickly, so you can use it immediately without waiting for it to warm up or cool down. And because it’s so lightweight and compact, you can take it wherever you go, including camping trips.

How Does Tobi Travel Steamer Work?

The steamer has ten different pieces. Tools aren’t required to assemble the Tobi Travel Steamer Price in Pakistan. The ten pieces include the: valve cap and storage tank, unit base, steam nozzle central unit, the telescopic pole, steam nozzle holder, hose and steam nozzle, the extension pole, upholstery attachment, lint, and pet hair attachment, and therefore the strap. Remove creases and wrinkles from garments. Multipurpose handheld steamer for removing odors, creases, and wrinkles from garments.

Steam Iron Safe enough for silk, tough sufficient for linens. Safe to use on different types of materials. Tobi Travel Steamer in Pakistan Price heats up quickly for use. Furthermore, now no more fabrics are burning or damaged with heavy irons. It is compact and portable and is the best for travel. It’s easy to hold and ideal for traveling. So, it can easily slot in bags and suitcases, allowing it to carry anywhere. It’s gotten out a number of the wrinkles, even the deep ones.


This device quickly straightens those nagging kinks on suits, coats, pants, and t-shirts. Moreover, it’s easy to hold and ideal for traveling. It can easily slot in bags and suitcases, allowing it to carry anywhere. Many wrinkles, even the deep ones. The advantages are:

  • Helps to induce and eliminate wrinkles, odors, and creases from the material.
  • It is lightweight and conveyable.
  • Simply slot in a suitcase and traveling luggage.
  • It is safe, fast, and reliable.
  • Easy to use.
  • Portable and may be meted out anywhere

How to Use Tobi Travel Steamer?

Tobi Travel Steamer perfectly wipes out wrinkles and odor from the garment after heating up. First, to use the machine for ironing garments, remove the cistern from most units and fill it with water. Hence, fasten the lid on the cistern and return it to the team. Plug the steamer into the electric outlet and switch it on. When the sunshine start means the Tobi is warming. Wait some minutes until the light flip. Then you will be able to use it.

DarazPakistan.Pk Hang the clothes on the hanger hook. Travel Steamer can easily slot in bags and suitcases. Allowing it to carry anywhere. Air Lounge Sofa Many wrinkles, even the deep ones. Grab the hold of the clothes’ underside and place the nozzle on the garments. Run the steamer on the garment. It removes wrinkles on the clothes quickly.

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